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Author Platforms:

Website & Social Media Services


Having a website is a must for anyone starting their own business, creating a brand, or publishing a book. A website is the foundation of your online platform where media, consumers and readers go to find out more about your work and what you have to offer.

Building a website is one of the first things a business or author should do and it should be done before their launch or publishing date.

Building a professional website can get costly. Hiring graphic designers might not be feasible for a company or author that is just starting out. Luckily there are some really great ways to get around having to spend exorbitant amounts of money and still have a clean and professional site that reflects your brand, vision and personality. Our in-house website team uses WIX based templates for aesthetically pleasing sites that are easily managed by the business or author. If you decide you would rather have our staff maintain your site, we offer monthly maintenance.

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Not only do we offer a professional platform build, we teach our clients how to maintain their platforms for future use for long term success. DGPR creates content or works with the author/publisher's content for the best SEO integration as well overall aesthetic. We offer a free 30 minute phone consultation for all authors and publishing house representatives to get started.

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Author Platforms

Independent authors and publishers MUST have an online presence in today's mostly digital world to compete with larger publishing houses and the books and authors that come out of them.  Yet many are scared to even begin charting the online territory.


With so much out there: websites, social media, blogging platforms, etc. -- it's hard for those not inherently used to the online world to get a grasp on what is not just necessary, but what is best for them in order to reach their target audience and goals. DGPR doesn't just build websites, we brand authors, publishers and their online platforms to best reach their target audience. With years of experience in public relations and marketing, we know exactly what media professionals and readers are looking for when it comes to websites, social, and everything in between.

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