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  • What is Public Relations?
    Many people think public relations is the same ole same ole. But times have changed and PR professionals are needed for more than just the basics. It’s no longer a game of solely researching clients, creating a story, writing press releases, and reaching out to the media. Responsibilities today are constantly shifting to meet with the ever quickly changing needs of the consumer and the constant evolution of social media. Every day is different in the PR arena but what does stay the same is the duty and dedication of a publicist to communicate your story effectively to the media and consumer.
  • Why do I need publicity?
    You can write the most amazing book in the world, have the best product, or be talented beyond belief; but if no one knows about it, nobody will care. You might never get the attention you deserve. It’s like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo. In today’s fast-paced world of technology where consumer experiences have become increasingly disjointed, trying to connect with your target audience can be a daunting and overwhelming task.
  • What can Do Good Public Relations Group do for me and my business/ book?
    Natalie Obando-Desai has worked with and helped build one of the most well regarded literary public relation firms in the United States. Because of this, Do Good Public Relations has contacts all around the U.S. with regional and national media outlets that trust our opinion on what is trending in literary culture and what audiences and consumers are enjoying. We provide media training and coaching for new authors and businesses making them and their product as marketable as possible. We have a team of editors, social media specialists, and event coordinators that will put you and your business or your book in the best position for audience exposure. We can develop professional media kits framing you and your business or book and brand in the best possible light. We maintain contact with our clients throughout the consultation and campaign and work collaboratively to maximize potential for your product. We are strategic, specific, tailored and in the know. We do a great amount of research on you, your business, book topics and find the best ways to fit it in the media. If there is a story angle we will find it and make sure it gets sent to the proper media outlet. We know how to approach media and the etiquette involved. Media outlets are very specific as to how they like to be approached and if you don’t do it right then your email, letter or book might end up in the garbage. Sad but true. We are at the cusp of the developments in literary media and know the key influencers in both traditional and new media and know how to connect them with your book. Public Relations is time consuming and for the inexperienced publicist, it can get overwhelming especially since the media tides are constantly changing with the presence of social media and online digital media. Social media can be overwhelming and leave little time to do other things for your book or business. Our social media team is experienced and at the top of social media’s ever-shifting trends, developing relevant creative content and making sure your social media platform expands.
  • What does a publicist do?
    Working with a publicist is a lot like working with a cheerleader for your book. A publicist is you and your books greatest advocate and will do their best to make sure that you and your book are getting coverage and visibility in this crazy world of an oversaturated market. Our job is to make you and your book stand out!
  • What makes Do Good Public Relations different than other public relations firms?
    Many of our clients who have worked with bigger PR firms– and come to us still in need of campaign work– tell us that what makes us different is the transparency, constant communication, and our relationships with our clients. We want you and your business/book to thrive because we believe in you and your story. Our clients know that we are dedicated and work tirelessly on their behalf.
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