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For Passionate Writers Seeking Authors Success

How new authors write & publish

Books that Sell Themselves . . .

. . . without wasting time or energy on social media!

Even if it's your first book; even if you struggle to find time to write;

and especially if you HATE marketing!

If you love writing but hate selling,

The Truly Successful Author will show you how

new authors get Amazon to sell their books and introduce their work to new readers.

This leaves you free to focus on the writing you love, develop your craft, and set your own self-publishing rhythm and process!

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Colorful Notebooks

A message from Natalie

Dear writer,

What If You Never Had To Sell Your Books – And Yet They Would Still Fly Off The Shelves?

Natalie Obando Image.jpg

Me 3 years ago:

I wrote for others and got paid as little as $0.01 per word. The only way I earned more was by writing more. That was on top of my full-time day job. 


I was burned out, exhausted, and missed my family. 


Even worse, I learned to dread the creative outlet I’d always turned to for comfort and joy. 


Oh, and we still didn’t have any extra income each month despite the reams and reams of words I’d write.


I dreamed of writing novels for a living, but had absolutely no time to write them, and no idea how to actually get people to buy them consistently.

Me today:

I’ve published ten books out now and get to write what I love.


I’ve reduced my writing time from 20+ hours per week to just 10.


The best part? I’m actually earning money from my writing now – good money.


My royalties steadily increase month after month, and I know that I’ll be earning enough to help my son pay for college in just a couple years. 


What changed?

Why Do My Books Fly Off the Virtual Shelves Instead of Gathering Digital Dust, Like So Many Others?

Even looking back now, I still think it’s a little crazy.


I didn’t have to study a degree in marketing to learn how to sell.


I didn’t have to give out hundreds of my books for free just to “gain exposure”.


And I definitely didn’t have to gamble money away on Facebook Ads or do silly dances on TikTok!

Instead, I Just Made a Small Tweak to My Publishing Schedule and Harnessed the Marketing Power of Amazon.

I finally feel as though I’m living the author's dream I thought about so often all those years ago.

I get to write about what I like, improve my craft, and develop my author skills each day.

…all while Amazon sells my books for me, and first-time readers turn into fans, and buy each new novel I release.

Here’s the cool part about this too:

This Method Can Work For Any Fiction Author!

My preferred genre is romance.

But even if your jam is historical fiction, cozy mysteries, or any other genre that excites you, this can work for you, too.

These days, I actually work with other writers to implement this method into their books.

And to help you do the same, I did the thing I’m best at.

I wrote a book about it!

You Can Learn About This Method Inside the Book on This Page,
The Truly Successful Author.

It’s just $9 on this page.

Inside, I’ll show you how I’ve built my own author business that brings me income, all while taking just 10 hours a week of writing.

For a limited time, I’m also throwing in a few helpful resources for free to help you get this method up and running in your own authorship journey as fast as possible.

My writing dream is becoming a reality, and I have this method to thank for it.

And for others who I’ve shown this too, it has made their writing dream a reality too.

Like Hilary, who finally saw her royalties skyrocket once she started implementing this method:

Bar Chart

Ginny is another example, who used this method to release three books in just 10 months as an author – all while raising three kids and working full time! And the reviews for Ginny’s books speak for themselves:

Assortment of Books

I want to stop guessing, write what I love, and get paid >>

Click here to claim your copy now.

This is already turning writers into successful authors, who earn money every month, and who get to do the thing they love week in, and week out.

Ready to see what this method could do for you too?

Get it y'all! I started with 10,000 words and no clue. Maria help me set up a real timeline with actual dates and darn I didn't hit every one of them. I followed the same method to make my timeline for book2, and it is on track to  come out 90 days after book 1. 

-Cora Day, Author of the Grimm County Lawmen Series

This Will NOT Help You Get Rich Quick!

This book is for writers who prefer a slow, steady approach that focuses on writing while building an author career that CANNOT fail!

The Truly Successful Author shares how to self-publish following a method and schedule that keeps your writing passion alive while making success inevitable. 

It sounds simple because it is. 

When we start at the beginning and take one intentional step at a time, we WILL get where we’re going. 

The Truly Successful Author lines up those steps to prevent overwhelm, sell your first 100 copies, and get your first 20 reviews while maintaining your joy and love for writing.  

If this method for becoming an author speaks to your deepest desires, maybe you’ll join the Writer to Author Program and let me be a part of your success. Or maybe you prefer being a lone writer. 

Either way, I know this method will make your path to success as an author clearer, easier, and happier.

Reading the Cover

Get The Book >>

How Does This Method Work?

Have you ever seen a store that only sells one thing (like an entire shop dedicated to selling Season 1 of Friends)? That wouldn’t make much sense, right. Customers don’t need more than one copy of it, and there is no variety of options. Every customer who comes in has just two options: Spend $10 to buy Season 1 or Spend $0 by not buying it.

No one will ever spend $100 in that store, and
no customer will make a repeat purchase.

Now stock the store's shelves with every season of Friends, and since people who love Friends often enjoy Seinfeld, let’s put all 9 seasons of that on our shelves, too. 


Suddenly, we have a store that carries every season of “Iconic 90’s Sitcoms.” Instead of customers spending just $10, now they’re happily handing over $100 and often more!


An author trying to make a profit off a single book is just like that store with only one season of one show. This is why building our backlist of published titles is VITAL for success. 


But what if that store didn’t open, didn’t put up a sign, and never let anyone know they existed until the shelves were fully stocked? Once they do open, it will take a while for people to learn about the store. 


Instead, imagine them opening the doors with just Season 1 of Friends, but add some signs letting customers know what else is coming soon. 


They might only be earning $10 from each of those early customers, but those people can make plans to return and bring friends. People can start talking about the store and get excited about what’s coming. Even better, if the store owner adds a new season or a new show on a regular and predictable schedule, repeat customers will be standing in line waiting to make their purchase on those days. 


The Truly Successful Author shows you, step-by-step how to start your author business following this same concept.

You’ll see small success from your 1st book while
building your backlist to 4 books within your first year!

Our method is designed to streamline your writing and publishing process while weaving simple, free marketing into the things you’re already doing. We hacked through all of Amazon’s secrets and learned how to use their own system to get them to market our books FOR us, while we keep writing!

I'm all about honesty, so I want you to know there are a couple details:

This entire process is designed around the basic premise that you love to write. 

You will need to spend an average of about 10 hours per week writing and doing “author stuff.” (We build in 4 vacation weeks each year, so there’s no writing at the beach or during a family holiday.)

Grainy Surface

Check Out Just Some of What You'll Discover Inside This Brand New Book:

See Chapter 7 to discover a little-known way to get Amazon to do your marketing for you!

At last! Find out what thousands of other successful authors know about STARTING a new author career!

Revealed: Why TikTok and other trends will NEVER lead to LASTING success – and what you need to do instead!

Here’s how the professional authors built their success!

You’ll find out 14 surprisingly easy ways to publish 4 books per year without giving up vacations!

The secret to grow your reader following – for free!

The real key to a Successful Author Career - almost everyone gets this wrong! This often overlooked idea guarantees your success, happiness, and profitability as an author.

WARNING: These 3 common marketing mistakes will absolutely destroy your author career! See Chapter 3 to find out what you should do instead to get sell more books!

Here’s a sneaky little trick you can use to immediately publish 4 Books per Year!

What Venture Capitalism can teach you about increasing your success as an author!

Learn the quick and easy way to get more readers – it works so well you’ll swear it must be magic!

You’ll find out an easy way to take advantage of Amazon to connect with readers, fast!

The publishing industry has lied to you about how to promote your books. Here’s the one thing they hoped you’d NEVER find out about metadata!

Discover 14 deceptively simple ways to take advantage of Amazon – instead of letting Amazon take advantage of you!

Revealed: Here’s what every successful author knows about long-term writing careers (You won’t find this information ANYWHERE else!)

See chapter 6 to discover the startling truth about your publishing schedule!

Uncover my 4-stage secret author career process – this is the truly lazy way to earn extra income from a hobby you love!

Here’s a dead-simple way to market your book – it’s so easy a child could do it!

Use the closely guarded secrets of current indie authors to quickly and easily launch a career that will last for decades!

Learn out how to master the art of publishing to boost marketing without spending a penny!

Access the step-by-step guide to draft a full novel in less than two months – even if you’ve never written a full book before!

After months of no sales despite trying every marketing suggestion online an author finally discovers the truth about selling more books – and now you can use her startling discovery to escape the chaos and spend more time writing, too!

You’ll discover a proven way to become profitable as an author in as little as three years!

Unlock the key to publishing 4 books per year without writing faster or sacrificing the quality of your writing!

Learn out how to get reviews just by listing your book online – ANYONE can do this!

If you thought you needed better writing skills to succeed, then you’re going to be SHOCKED by the author secrets you find in Chapter 6!

No more guesswork! You’ll get instant access to my top-secret 4 Books per Year Method that will help you instantly determine when to start running paid ads and how much to spend on them!

You’ll discover a little-known trick to increase how many readers pick up your next book – even if you’re still writing your first book!

See Chapter 9 to find out what one thing you MUST do before you even think about running paid ads for your books!

It Works Even If You’ve Never
Finished a Book Before!

You might be thinking that you’ll need to get a writing degree or spend tons of time developing your writing skills but actually that has almost no impact on your success or failure as a writer. 


The primary struggle for new authors is making their book VISIBLE so readers can find it. With more than 32.8 million books available on Amazon, getting yours to show up in front of readers is the first and biggest challenge. 

Youtube interview snippets.jpg

Get The Book >>

Click here to start today!

But don’t think that means you need to learn paid ads or other complicated or expensive marketing strategies either!


The same Amazon algorithm that so many people love to complain about can be harnessed and used to our advantage! 


When we structure our writing schedule to include publishing and marketing, we can get Amazon to email readers about our books, show our books at the top of reader search results, and recommend our books to readers who like similar novels.


We can accomplish ALL of that without spending a dime, dancing on TikTok, or trying to learn everything all at once!That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this OFFER with you today!

Natalie Obando Desai

Act now and get 3 Bonuses for Free !!!!

Youtube interview snippets.jpg

Bonus #1. Write 10K/Week: Build your writing habit without sacrificing your sanity (or family)

In the chest of every author beats the heart of a writer, but the difference between a starving artist writer and a paid professional writer is the consistent production of words. This step-by-step guide walks you through the secret to unlocking your power to produce 10,000 words in just 10 hours each week (without lowering the quality of your writing).

Bonus #2. 4 Secret Questions for Interviewing Editors

Editing is one of the biggest anxieties new authors must conquer, but it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. This guide makes interviewing and hiring just the right editor as easy as having a conversation with a friend. Whether you plan to pay top dollar for a high-level pro or are looking to barter with a highly literate companion, these questions walk you through agreeing to terms and setting expectations you’ll both appreciate.

Bonus #3. Audiobook

Because I know how much easier it can be to find time to LISTEN to a book, I'm adding the audio edition of The Truly Successful Author as a free bonus!

Get Your Copy of The Truly Successful Author Now

Yes, I want free bonuses >>

with the eBook of The truly Successful Author 

Happy Writing,
- Natalie

P.S. Recap of this ultra-long page for those who skim:

  1. You’ll get the downloadable ebook and audio editions of The Truly Successful Author.​

  2. I’m adding THREE MORE free bonuses to boost your success by leveling up your writing, easing communication with readers, and streamlining hiring an editor. Nothing will stand between you and the first step of your author career!


  3. Inside the book, you’ll learn how to get Amazon to do the marketing for you, so you can focus on writing and developing your author skills. You’ll keep full rights and control over your work, write more, earn more, and get more reviews while spending LESS time working as an author!


  4. Skip the stress and drama of trying to “figure out marketing” after you write.  Set yourself up for a long-term career that an author that makes writing joyful and success inevitable.

Yes, I want a copy of The Truly Successful Author >>

AND the bonuses for just $9

Meet your professional romance author

I’m Maria! I’ve spent my entire adult life working with writers of all ages and have written and published everything from a blog article titled “Does Dr. Pepper have Laxatives in it?” to my Twisted Willow Novels that earn consistent royalties’ month-after-month. 

After almost twenty years, I’ve experienced burnout bad enough I thought I’d never write again, and I’ve lived that rejuvenating experience of returning to the craft I love. I’ve used writing for income, therapy, communication, mourning, and celebration. 

Along the way, I’ve learned that “success” as an author requires balancing financial success with maintaining a love and passion for writing. By restructuring my writing process, I’ve increased both my income and my joy! 

I love hiking the Appalachian Trail, prefer mountains over beaches, and believe that stories are the core of our culture.

Natalie Obando Desai

Natalie Obando Image.jpg

If you don't find this book useful simply email us within 30 days of purchase, and we'll send you a refund

Get the eBook & audio edition for just $9

Order Now >>

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