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Kathleen Leyba


Critical Care Registered Nurse | Former Army National Guard

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Natalie Obando

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Everyday heroes often go unnoticed. And during the most trying of times in modern day history, they were nearly invisible but dutifully making the world a safer and better place. Nearly Invisible by Kathleen Leyba is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that is meant to honor those who battled through one of the most trying periods in our history and helps children and adults understand the kindness and care that everyday heroes such as healthcare workers gave during the pandemic and always provide. In the form of prose poetry, Nearly Invisible helps children understand that not all heroes wear capes and when the world was confronted by a powerful and mysterious enemy visible only through a microscope, it turned to healthcare workers. This book will give children and adults a feeling of gratitude and safety in knowing that even when the world shut down, the healthcare workers showed up triumphed through the fear, confusion and criticism.

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