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Do Good Public Relations is dedicated to creating book and brand awareness through innovative campaigns and media outreach while being a socially conscious company.

We create customized book publicity and marketing campaigns for authors and publishing houses as well as provide book publishing consultations where we take a deep look at a potential product and create a publishing and marketing strategy with the author to implement the most effective way to get their book published and garner readers without wasting time and money. 

The book publishing world has grown and evolved over the past decade and so has our expertise, extending our services to include many that other agencies will not offer.

We also offer campaigns and plans of action for our non-author clients that run from celebrities to restaurants and help them to reach their publicity goals.

Do Good Public Relations is partnered with various nonprofits and charities and by working with us you are also giving back to the world. We give back a percentage of company time and profits to these groups. What makes us different is that all of us here thrive on changing the world for the better and have a passion for propelling our clients while we "do good" for the world at the same time. 

Do Good PR Group has been working with clients for over a decade while making the world a better place


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Founded by Natalie Obando, Do Good Public Relations has been an innovative leader in book publicity and marketing for over a decade. Known for her expertise, candidness, and ability to guide authors through the world of publishing and PR, Natalie has taught workshops and spoken at  conferences across the U.S.

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Since 2014, Do Good Public Relations Group has been dedicated to make the world a better place one story and one PR campaign at a time. Our founder, Natalie Obando's life mission, "to be active in the pursuit of making the world a better place," has guided the company and its vision since inception.

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